Why I don’t like programming in Ruby / RoR


Let me start with a confession. I am not a Ruby or Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer. My knowledge on this topic is purely based on self study and observation of various RoR projects

Why I am writing this series

I am software engineer and I always love to learn and understand about new technologies, programming languages and frameworks. I came across Ruby and RoR in 2007 and I made an attempt to study Ruby. I read that it is a cool language and it is very easy to learn. I made an attempt but I soon got bored.
Later I got opportunities to associate with RoR projects and interact with RoR developers, some of them true hardcore developers.
Based on these experiences, I managed to come up with my own “personal” views on Ruby  / RoR
I thought I should express these views to the programming and business communities with the following objectives
  1. All is not well with Ruby / RoR development
  2. To highlight RoR  development pitfalls.
  3. To convince the RoR community to dig deeper and focus more on the working of RoR framework.
  4. To help business or decision makers on deciding whether RoR is the right tool of choice for their software development.


  1. I love Rails because it is easy!!!
  2. One thing in “N” different ways
  3. Does documentation adds value?
  4. Impact Analysis – a nightmare
  5. Maintaining code quality – a real challenge
  6. Performance – Do I need to worry?
  7. Version Compatibility
  8. Easy to develop, but hard to maintain
  9. What is the return value of a function ?
  10. Look for magic solution in the form of gems
  11. Rail disaster is always scary
  12. Uncontrollable with Team Size
  13. Discipline a MUST
  14. I am an Alice in wonderland
  15. Not my problem, it is a GEM issue
  16. It looks simple, but it is really complex
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