Successful Project Management – in a Nutshell

Know your Client A PM MUST know well about the business of the client and how the project will bring value addition to their business. If the client has other projects already in production try to understand its release, support and maintenance process. Know your Project PM MUST know the underlying business case of the project – the value addition the project will bring to the business Know the Project Scope It is an agreement between the PM and business on what all features that will be delivered,... more →
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Applications written in a scripting language sucks in the long run (?)

Let me start with a note that I am a great fan of Javascript and JQuery!!! Please note that subject of this article is not an affirmative statement but a question to all of us who are passionate about software development. There are lots of frameworks in recent times which aid the developers to produce wonderful application software.  Many of them are inspired from JavaScript and targeting web based development. Ruby on Rails (ROR) changed the way about how to design future frameworks. There are... more →
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What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for organizing and managing work. Scrum consists of Roles, Activities, Artifacts and Rules. In this article we will discuss about the Roles, Activities and Artifacts Roles in Scrum framework Product Owner The product owner is responsible for deciding which features and functionality to be build and the order in which to build them. Product Owner needs to maintain and communicate a clear vision to all other participants in the scrum team regarding what needs to be achieved. Scrum... more →
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