Resolving Heroku application Error : Failed to authenticate user ‘heroku’ on db – Mongo::AuthenticationError

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Problem Scenario I was revamping a Locomotive CMS application from scratch. As a part of deployment of this new application, I copied the MongoDB database from its previous version to the new app. However on accessing the application after deployment I got the following error. This is a very generic error message and to get into the actual root cause I checked the application log. It contains the following error. Failed to authenticate user ‘heroku’ on db ‘{My Application Database... more →
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Web Fonts from cross-domain can cause problems in IE9 and Firefox

Last week we are deploying a locomotiveCMS site in Heroku. ┬áBefore deploying we build the site themes locally based on client request. They recommended some web fonts which were working fine in IE9, Firefox-13 and Chrome-20 when tested against the local server. However these fonts are not getting displayed when accessing it from Heroku. The web fonts used in the site are LeagueGothicRegular, ProximaNovaRgRegular and ProximaNovaRgBold. A web font is a specially tuned font for use on websites using... more →
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Node.js app deployment in Heroku

What is Heroku It is a PaaS Provider It is designed around GIT workflow for deployment It is originally designed for hosting ROR application It now supports other type of applications like Node.js, Java, Python, Scala etc The basic service of Heroku is free Node.js application deployment in Heroku Create a basic Express Node.js application – herokudemo. Make sure express module is globally installed. If not install it using the command : [code]npm install -g express[/code] express herokudemo cd... more →
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