Check it Yourself : How fit are you for the Software Job?

This article is based on the paper -“Recruiting a Project Manager” published in the Journal – International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (IJITPM).

The paper covers on how to recruit a project manager in a company.

The paper recommends to use MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ) in the selection process. It is a psychometric assessment, targeted to measure the psychological preferences of people. Please refer Wikipedia to known more about MBTI.

A significant research in this area was done by Wideman (1998) on the suitability of MBTI for Project Manager. Please refer document for more details. They developed a 4X4 grid based on Mayer-Briggs indicators. The four axis of the grid indicated Introvert (I), Sensing(S), Extrovert (E) and Intuitive (N). Each of the quadrants is further divided into Judging (J), Thinking (T), Feeling (F) and Perceiving (P).

I recommend to do a self check on where you stand and how qualified you are for the software job based on the above studies.


[1] Take a free multiple choice – Yes / No answer test from here

[2] Get the MBTI Score, which is a 4-letter type formula describing your personality type

[3] Check your Score with the following chart and see how you fit in this software industry.

Your Score

How you Fit?

INTJ /ENTJ /ISTJ /ESTJ Best suited for project leadership


INTP / ENTP / ENFP /ENFJ 50% successful in project leadership


INFJ / ISFJ Very good as project team members


INFP / ISFP / ESFP / ISTP Not at all suitable for project work


Please post your comments after your self analysis.

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