TypeScript Language Features

Optional Static Typed TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript. However it is optional.  So to be specific , TypeScript has optional static type annotation, which will in turn transform JavaScript into a strongly typed programming language. This typing is applicable to variables, functions and properties.  The objective is to provide better verification and assistance (such as IntelliSense) during software development. Moreover Strong Typing will allow programmers to express his intentions... more →
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TypeScript Design Goals and Components

Type Script Design Goals TypeScript is designed and developed by Microsoft. Following are some of the design goals behind TypeScript Strongly Typed Programming Language As JavaScript is not strongly typed it cannot prevent potential run time errors.  A strongly typed programming language and perform static type checking at compile time can prevent these potential run time errors. High Compatibility TypeScript is highly compatible with existing JavaScript code. It is designed as a super set... more →
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JavaScript : Some Basic Facts

Objects in JavaScript There are three basic datatypes in JS :  Number , Boolean and String typeof  is a function which can be used to identify the underlying object type [code] var x = new String("Hello"); alert (typeof(x)); // will return Object alert( x instanceof String); // will return true [/code]   [code] var x = new Boolean(true); alert (typeof(x)); // will return Object alert( x instanceof Boolean); // will return true [/code]   [code] var x = new Number(5); alert (typeof(x));... more →
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Java vs Ruby Class – A Syntax Comparison

The objective of this article is to compare the structure of  a class in Java and Ruby. I believe this will help Java or Ruby developers to compare one another. As an example let us consider a simple Employee class with three attributes – first name, last name , email and city. Java Version [code] public class Employee { private String firstName; private String lastName; private String email; private String city; public Employee(String firstName, String lastName, String email, String... more →
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Why I don’t like programming in Ruby / RoR

Confession Let me start with a confession. I am not a Ruby or Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer. My knowledge on this topic is purely based on self study and observation of various RoR projects Why I am writing this series I am software engineer and I always love to learn and understand about new technologies, programming languages and frameworks. I came across Ruby and RoR in 2007 and I made an attempt to study Ruby. I read that it is a cool language and it is very easy to learn. I made an attempt... more →
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Video : Ruby for Java Programmers – String, Numbers, Classes and Objects

Welcome to the Video Series – Ruby for Java Programmers. The objective of this video is to help experienced Java programmers to learn Ruby.This video covers Strings, Numbers, Classes and Objects at a very high level. In future we will come up with detailed videos for each of these topics. Watch the Video “Hello World” program in ruby can be written by a one line code – “put s Hello World”. In Java, double quotes are used to represent a string. In Ruby, both single... more →
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Videos: Introduction to Cloud Computing

Following is a series of video tutorial which gives a good introduction to cloud computing.   The Video series consists of seven parts which are as follows Video 01 : Cloud Computing : Different Perspectives Cloud computing is often misunderstood even within the software community. This video will highlight some of the perspectives related to cloud computing. Video 02 : Cloud Computing : What is it ? This video explains what is cloud computing. Video 03 : Cloud Computing : Five Essential Characteristics There... more →
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