Video : Ruby for Java Programmers – String, Numbers, Classes and Objects

Welcome to the Video Series – Ruby for Java Programmers. The objective of this video is to help experienced Java programmers to learn Ruby.This video covers Strings, Numbers, Classes and Objects at a very high level. In future we will come up with detailed videos for each of these topics. Watch the Video “Hello World” program in ruby can be written by a one line code – “put s Hello World”. In Java, double quotes are used to represent a string. In Ruby, both single... more →
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Node.js app deployment in Heroku

What is Heroku It is a PaaS Provider It is designed around GIT workflow for deployment It is originally designed for hosting ROR application It now supports other type of applications like Node.js, Java, Python, Scala etc The basic service of Heroku is free Node.js application deployment in Heroku Create a basic Express Node.js application – herokudemo. Make sure express module is globally installed. If not install it using the command : [code]npm install -g express[/code] express herokudemo cd... more →
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Jade – The Template Engine

Template Engines are widely used in web frameworks to generate HTML. Some of the popular template engines are Smarty (PHP) and ERB (Ruby). Templates are often be part of the views in MVC architecture. Express web framework module for node.js uses Jade as the template engine. It is an indentation based template engine and hierarchy of the HTML structure is based on the indentation. There is no need to write tags as it will be automatically created. Example : In the following example (–> )... more →
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Express – Node.js Web Framework

There are many Web Frameworks available which are built on various languages ROR and Sinatra – Ruby Zend and CodeIgniter – PHP Express was inspired by Sinatra – A Ruby Framework. Installing Express Installing Express is a straightforward process using npm             npm install -g express   -g option is used as we need to install this at system level and can be accessed from any projects within the system. Express being a Web Framework, it will be shared by multiple... more →
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Node.Js = { Asynchronous + Non-blocking + Events + Callbacks }

Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O Before getting into how to use Node.js let us brush up our memory about synchronous and asynchronous I/O operations To understand better consider the case of a File I/O operation in synchronous and asynchronous mode. In Synchronous mode, the thread waits for I/O to complete before proceeding further. The thread will be in a “wait” state. However in the case of asynchronous operation, the thread will not wait for I/O to finish. It will continue with the processing... more →
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What is Node Package Manager [npm]

Node Package Manager Modules are library of codes which can be reused in multiple projects. E.g.: Database Driver can be treated as a module which can be reused in multiple node.js applications. Modules in Node.js is similar to RubyGems in Ruby Most of the node.js modules are open source which means they are readily available to use or modify and redistribute The installer for node.js available at contains npm. In UNIX it is advised not to install it using sudo permission. To make... more →
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Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is a server side JavaScript (JS) Framework.  Server side scripts are those residing on the server (web server mainly for web applications) and it will be executed at the server before the page gets rendered (like PHP). It is created using C / C++ and built on V8. V8 is a powerful JS engine created by Google designed for Web. Like JS, the Node.js is also even driver and it has the same syntax as that of JavaScript. It is created by Ryan Dahl to write better concurrent application. Concurrent... more →
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