Quick and Dirty way to use Redmine for Scrum projects

These days most of the projects are following an “Agile” process for software development.  In the case of scrum there will be multiple sprint and team needs to plan quickly for each sprint. The days are gone where we plan upfront identifying all WBS in a project and that too using a sophisticated project management tool.  The reality is in a fast changing world such planning is not sustainable. The success of “Agile” methodologies and its wider acceptance leads to the birth of new project... more →
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Addressing Duplicates in your code

Code duplication is against the software engineering best practice of code reusability.  Some of the major disadvantages of code duplication are the following It Increases the number of Lines of Code (LOC), which impacts the performance of the software. Need to write extra unit tests to cover each duplicate method to maintain a good coverage. Needs to make changes in multiple files for a change due to code duplication. This will impact the maintenance  cost Highlights the lack of quality of the... more →
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